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Advisory Committees


What Program Advisory Committees Provide…..

For students:


  • A definition of criteria and necessary pre-requisites for entering an occupation or profession
  • Internships and on-the-job training sites
  • Career placement for students completing programs
  • Scholarships to help deserving students
  • Guest speakers to talk to students about various aspects of careers and occupations
  • Tours of local businesses for students
  • Planning and conducting skills contests for students and "mock" interviews
  • Sponsorships of employer/student seminars


For teachers:


  • Helping teachers formulate their professional development plans by providing opportunities to return to the workplace for up to date training.
  • Informing teachers about and inviting them to attend technical seminars and workshops
  • Endorsing teachers for renewal of vocational teaching certificate


Curriculum and Course Advisement:


  • Reviewing curriculum for relevancy and completeness related to competencies, skills, and knowledge
  • Suggesting new curriculum ideas based on changing technology
  • Reviewing performance standards for students
  • Recommending "real life" lab experiences for students
  • Reviewing and recommending textbooks, films, other instructional materials
  • Reviewing student leadership/professionalism skills and assisting in the development of the curriculum
  • Making suggestions for serving students with special needs
  • Assisting with short and long-range program planning
  • Securing donated resource and reference materials


Equipment and Facilities:


  • Making recommendations regarding new equipment
  • Securing donation(s) of teaching aids and equipment
  • Reviewing safety standards in lab
  • Making recommendations for facilities remodeling
  • Being involved in program evaluation
  • Conducting evaluation of advisory committee effectiveness
  • Reviewing progress of short-and long-range goals
  • Reviewing results of student and employer follow-up
  • Making recommendations to improve or close a program


Community Public Relations


  • Discussing Skills Center with business, industry, or service groups
  • Making recommendations for program improvements with local administrators and policy makers such as school boards, county officials, state and federal legislators
  • Interpreting community input to staff and administrators
  • Helping to market Skills Center education merits to students, parents, and counselors.
  • Reviewing program-marketing plans


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